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Wealth Concierge?

You've heard of concierge services in luxury hotels.

Now, imagine a concierge tailored for busy entrepreneurs looking to grow their business without sacrificing time, energy, and financial resources.

At Wealth Concierge, we believe businesses are vehicles to freedom, security, and wealth.

No one starts a business to work 80+ hours a week. Unfortunately, that’s a pitfall that many entrepreneurs fall into.

Our mission is to help you create systems to streamline your organization’s growth, so that you can regain your time and enjoy more personal freedom.

We help you achieve this through three phases, depending on where your business is at:


The Start-up phase is the most challenging phase. You'll be working 80 hours a week to build the business of your dreams. This stage can be overwhelming, but we are here to help.

During the startup phase, we guide you every step of the way. We assist with setting up an LLC or an S-Corp, checking your eligibility for grants, securing funding, handling credit card processing, and finding attorneys (especially for partnerships). We can also connect you with mentors or business coaches in your industry. Our goal is to help you transition out of this phase and into the next as quickly as possible.


In the growth phase, you’re making money and ready to hire extra help to take your business to the next level.

Delegation is crucial here. We provide the tools to help you delegate tasks that you, as the business owner, shouldn’t be doing. You’re growing a company; it's time to leave the menial tasks behind.

We offer exceptional virtual assistants to lighten your load, help with SOPs, discuss tax strategies and potential credits, and introduce you to employee benefits, life insurance, business insurance, fractional CFOs, and business travel systems.

Our goal is to propel you into the final phase—the reason you became a business owner in the first place.


This is the final phase—the phase every business owner dreams of when they take that first leap of faith. The Wealth Phase. Our mission is to get you to this level.

In this phase, your business is firing on all cylinders. You’ve mastered delegation, built a team, and are making money.

The question now is, what’s next? Where do you go from here?

It’s crucial to have a plan in this phase. You’ve made your money; now, what do you do with it? We introduce you to top financial advisors, the world of infinite banking, leading trust attorneys, real estate syndications, and other investment opportunities. Finally, we help with exit strategies.

Our goal is to create passive income for the rest of your life and to pass your wealth down through the generations.


Our Services

Your Comprehensive Wealth Concierge


Payroll Tax Credits

ERTC is over but this new permanent payroll tax credit is here to stay. Click to see how much you can save on payroll taxes….


R&D Tax Credit

Innovation drives progress and profit. Our R&D Tax Credit services empower you to receive substantial tax credits for your research and development efforts. Fuel innovation, enhance competitiveness, and enjoy the financial benefits of advancing your industry.


Employee Benefits

Save up top 40% with any provider by using our Level-Funded Group Insurance Plan.



Apply for government grants, stimulus packages, and funding opportunities from your local state and federal government agencies.



Get paid from your business transactions. Deposyt allows you to eliminate 50% of your fees. They will match your rate to accept payments & give you 50% of the profit every single month.


We Find Unicorns

Your 360º solution to find, hire, manage and support top Filipino and Latin American talent.

From stressed to staffed in under 15 days.



For Business Owners who want to 10X their travel. Whether for business, or for pleasure, using this system will allow you to 10x the value of your travels. Fly First Class & Stay At Luxurious Hotels like a VIP.


Elevator Funding

We have partnered with famous businessman Dan Fleyshman to bring you Same Day Business Funding. Get approved in minutes and funded the Same Day. Over $8 Billion funded in just 15 years.



Simplify the legal maze of starting a business with our guided LLC formation services. Manage your business communications effortlessly, from anywhere in the world.



These top-tier services are just a fraction of what we offer at Wealth Concierge Group. We’re constantly innovating and adapting our approach to help you navigate the complexities of the financial world with confidence.

Book a complimentary consultation to discover your next strategic move.

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At Wealth Concierge Group, we cherry pick the clients we work with. This is not a one-size-fits-all type of service.

If you’re a business owner who seeks more than just conventional services — and you demand an elite, streamlined, and holistic approach to business management and business growth, then we’re looking for you.

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