ERC is over but this new payroll tax is here to stay:

This New Permanent Payroll Tax Credit Will Save You $573 Per Employee Every Single Year

So that you can hire and retain top talent with better employee incentives

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It's no secret that the past president's payroll tax cuts have expired...

This means that if you own a business you are paying more money to keep your employees on payroll than you were just a couple of years ago.

From what I keep hearing from business owners, is that this is preventing them from being able to hire more help, therefore leaving them treading water and unable to scale their business as fast as they were just a short time ago.

But when one door closes, there's always another one opening.

Right now, there's a new tax credit on the table that allows employers to lower their payroll taxes, so they have more money to hire, while at the same time offering incentives to new employees that give employers a massive recruiting advantage.


If you'd like to know more about this and how it can work for your business, Click “Start Saving Now” and we'll connect you to a tax expert that can show you exactly how it works and how much money you can save.




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