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More Than Just Money Management

At Wealth Concierge Group, we redefine the way business owners approach their financial strategies. With a focus on alternative investments and tax credits, we've established ourselves as the premier concierge service in the financial world.

Our mission is to empower business owners, providing them with the knowledge and opportunities to optimize their wealth.

What Makes Us Different


You've heard of concierge services in luxury hotels. Now, imagine that level of personalized attention, but in the financial realm. At Wealth Concierge Group, we don’t just manage your money; we orchestrate a suite of hand-picked services tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

Why Choose Us

Our team consists of seasoned professionals who are experts in the field of alternative investments and tax credits. We understand the intricate nuances of the financial landscape, and we're committed to helping you make informed decisions.

We recognize that every business is unique. That's why we offer a range of alternative investment options and tax credit strategies that can be customized to suit your specific needs and objectives.

Think of us as your personal financial concierge. We're here to provide you with white-glove service, ensuring that your financial journey is smooth and stress-free. From the moment you engage with us, you'll experience the difference.

We believe in the power of collaboration. To deliver the best results for our clients, we partner with top-tier financial advisors and accountants. This synergy of expertise ensures that you receive comprehensive and holistic financial solutions that align with your long-term goals.

Integrity, transparency, and dedication are at the core of our values. We're committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients and maintaining the highest ethical standards in the industry. Your financial success is our primary focus.

Sal DePaola


Sal’s dynamic journey from a tough childhood, growing up in NYC, to becoming a renowned serial entrepreneur and a dedicated NYC firefighter for 20 years, showcases his passion for life, business, and family. His claim to fame came with his innovative Paint Brush Cover™, which he successfully pitched on ABC’s "Shark Tank," securing a deal that catapulted his entrepreneurial career. His invention not only secured a deal on ABC’s "Shark Tank" but also became one of the show's most replayed episodes, leading to his participation in the spinoff, "Beyond the Tank."


Beyond his venture into the painting accessory market, Sal has made significant strides in the fitness industry with The Squat Academy™, a unique female-only fitness program. Sal successfully sold his fitness ventures to focus on substantial sales opportunities. Excelling as a top sales representative for a large private equity fund and then as a top affiliate for a prominent tax credit company, Sal's achievements earned him a spot on their advisory board, underscoring his significant impact in the business world.

His latest venture, Wealth Concierge Group, highlights his commitment to assisting business owners and investors in navigating the complexities of tax credits and alternative investments, demonstrating his knack for turning innovative ideas into lucrative realities. He has partnered with some of the top companies in the U.S. to offer a "Concierge" service to his clients.

Together with these partnerships, his top business coaches, and his powerful network, he plans on making Wealth Concierge Group the most trusted service for business owners in the nation.

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